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Clear, intelligible, full range sound that is rich in lows, mids and crisp sparkling highs has the power to move us. Not many things are able to reach people on a fundamental level the way that sound can. Music, movie soundtracks, spiritual and worship, spots, news and political information are just a few examples of the ways that sound can touch us all. It allows us to listen alone, or together in small, medium, large or very large gatherings, indoors or outside. The specific equipment of the sound system may vary greatly depending upon it's purpose. More on this in our Design & Consultation page.   

EAW KF 740 14 Box Array

The Starr Group and Starr Digital Technologies have been designing and contracting amazing sound systems for major projects for more than four decades. We are dealers for most major brands of quality audio products, and we are very proud to offer  our professional high-end Starr Digital brand of audio, video, video walls and theatrical lighting equipment, offering absolutely the best value and much greater fitness for a particular purpose than "generic" all-purpose equipment.

Peter Starr and the Starr Group started designing and contracting custom sound systems in 1982 for nightclubs and houses of worship. Some may believe these two types of clients are highly dissimilar, but the physics of sound and how it applies to the most diverse situations remains constant and unwavering. As the technology of sound improved, so did Starr Group's clients understanding of the power and importance of the role that a quality sound system played in achieving their respective goals.

From disseminating information in contemporary schools and universities, houses of worship, board rooms and convention centers, sports fields and paging systems, to large entertainment productions in arenas, theaters, night club venues, hotels and resorts etc. The power of a well designed, high quality sound system that meets or exceeds the situational requirements and the expectations of the public cannot be overstated.

STARR DIGITAL sd-218x "ThunderBox"

SDT Foreground Sp & Sub 1.JPG
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